MBC Tides, August 22-29, 2013
Th  22    High  12:01 AM
    22     Low   6:11 AM
    22    High  12:26 PM
    22     Low   6:36 PM

F   23    High  12:50 AM
    23     Low   6:57 AM
    23    High   1:14 PM
    23     Low   7:26 PM

Sa  24    High   1:38 AM
    24     Low   7:43 AM
    24    High   2:01 PM
    24     Low   8:16 PM

Su  25    High   2:27 AM
    25     Low   8:29 AM
    25    High   2:49 PM
    25     Low   9:06 PM 

M   26    High   3:17 AM
    26     Low   9:18 AM
    26    High   3:38 PM
    26     Low   9:58 PM 

Tu  27    High   4:10 AM
    27     Low  10:09 AM
    27    High   4:31 PM
    27     Low  10:53 PM

W   28    High   5:05 AM
    28     Low  11:03 AM
    28    High   5:26 PM
    28     Low  11:50 PM

Th  29    High   6:02 AM
    29     Low  12:00 PM
    29    High   6:24 PM
MBC boat owners: Please see an important notice about unclaimed boats at MBC.
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The Madison Beach Club has been operating in its current Island Avenue location for more than 70 years and provides a place where families can enjoy a variety of social and sporting activities, including dinner-dances and informal and organized sailing, tennis, and swimming.
The club is open from the last Tuesday in June through Labor Day, and for limited weekend use from Memorial Day weekend through opening day, and from Labor Day through the last weekend in September.
The club is located at 128 Island Avenue in Madison, CT. The telephone number is (203) 245-2714. The mailing address is P.O. Box 686, Madison, CT 06443. Please see the contacts page for directions and additional contact information.
When not otherwise engaged, the club ballroom, porches, and lawn can be reserved by members for private functions such as wedding receptions and cocktail parties. For further information, please contact the club manager.
Answers to other frequently asked questions are available on our FAQ page.

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