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  • Follies_2022

Fred Lyle, ChairWe need YOU!

Every year the members of the Madison Beach Club put on a show. Life-long friendships get their start from working together on the Follies.

This year’s theme is “Harmony.” It represents getting everyone back together again.

Did you sing in the Glee Club? Were you ever in the choir? Do you sing in the shower??? That’s all it takes! The time is now to climb on stage and buddy up for a grand night to remember.

A smile and a want-to-contribute is what you need to be part of the Follies. We want volunteers for both on-stage and off-stage talent. There is a lot to get done.

Come on. Don’t be shy. Have a ball and take a bow. It’s time to get excited again. Contact me soon so you don’t miss out. ( (203-500-5600).

  • Follies Sign-Ups begin: July 11th (at the front desk)
  • Meet the Director, Matt Harrison, and audition: July 17 at 3p for the younger set, and Crew. 4p for adults - In the Ballroom
  • Rehearsals begin: July 18 - time TBD Ballroom
  • Performances: August 5 & 6