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Child and Caregiver Emergency Forms

Dear MBC Parents,


As you know, children are not allowed at the beach alone until their 12th birthday. Each summer the Beach Hut has two forms for you to fill out for these children.


One is The Emergency Information Sheet that needs to be fill out for  EVERY child between the ages of 12 and 18.


The second is a form is for every child when a person, other than their parent, is in charge of them while at the beach. This is The Caregiver's Emergency Form; older siblings, nurses, babysitters, nannies etc., count as caregivers. If a child under 12 years old is not with their parent they need this form filled out. This form needs to be filled out once per summer, for every new caregiver.


We have included these forms for your convenience to print out but copies are always available, should be dropped off and will be kept at the Beach Hut through out the summer. These forms are in place for the safety of everyone at the beach.


Thank you for your cooperation,

The 2015 Beach Committee