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COVID-19 Waterfront Information

COVID-19 Waterfront Information

To ensure the safe use of Club facilities and compliance with regulations and State guidance the Sailing Committee has implemented the following rules and protocols for use of the dock, boatyard, Junior Sailing Room and Club-owned boats.

Last Update: June 1

MBC Launch

The Sally B is available for launch service under the following schedule and subject to specific rules to allow for social distancing and driver/member safety.

Pre-Season Launch Service (May 22 - June 19):

  • Launch drivers will be strictly limited to designated MBC members and staff. These members are informed of the cleaning and distancing protocols relating to launch use and the launch may not be not be operated by other members during this period.
  • While launch drivers may be onsite from time to time, in general members should consider pre-season service to be available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on weekdays between 2:00-6:00 PM and Weekends/Holidays 1:00-6:00 PM. Service outside of these windows may be feasible subject to the availability of a designated launch driver.
  • The following members are approved to provide launch service during the preseason. Please speak with them directly to coordinate a launch ride:
  • WEEKENDS: Chris de Chabert – 203-747-5003
  • WEEKENDS: Tom Merritt – 203-640-4221
  • WEEKENDS AFTER 5: Chip Adams – 203-921-7141
  • ANY TIME: Steve Adkins – 203-214-7682
  • ANY TIME: Jim Cutler – 203-314-6459
  • ANY TIME: Malcolm Nichols – 203-430-1006
  • ANY TIME: Lincoln White – 914-482-3814  

Regular Season Service:

The MBC Dock staff will provide launch service from 9:30 AM until sunset daily. 

Rules of Launch Use:

  • Launch driver and passengers must wear a mask
  • Passengers must be seated 6’ from the driver
  • Families may travel together providing distancing from driver is feasible
  • Drivers will drive to only one boat per trip
  • Drivers need to wipe down launch and gangway after each trip
  • If waiting for service, passengers must be spaced at the designated “X’s” on dock or pier 

Dock house

  • Only MBC dock staff, authorized launch drivers and the harbor master can enter the dock house
  • Due to the confined space, only one person may be in the dock house at any time

MBC Dinghy on Pier

While the small MBC rowboat will remain on the floating docks near the MBC Launch and is available for member use, it is NOT subject to the COVID-19 cleaning protocols applied to equipment used more routinely. Members using the rowboat do so at their own risk and should take precautions to clean the oars and dinghy rails and seats before and after use.

Other Guidance

  • Boaters must depart the dock area as quickly as possible after launching, or loading passengers
  • Boaters should only use their own vessel and equipment
  • Kayaks may be stored in the sailing center (as in years past and subject to storage fees as listed in the MBC yearbook) however member dinghies for harbor access should be stored on the town beach next to the dock
  • Please avoid other boaters on the water – no rafting