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MBC Dock Cam

 MBC Dock Cam

MBC Dock CamWe are excited to announce the addition of a harbor camera to our dock. The camera is located on the southern side of the dock house and overlooks the entire mooring field. It can be controlled by any phone or computer to pan or zoom across the harbor. To access this camera, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions for mobile phone access:

  1. Download the AXIS Companion App (yellow icon)
  2. Click yellow "Sign In" button
  3. Enter the following email and password and click submit
    • Email:
    • Password: Waterfront1!
  4. To access the camera, click on the camera feed titled "MBC Dock Cam"
  5. To control the camera, tap on the location you would like to view and the camera will center to that point. To zoom in or out use two fingers dragging appart (this will create a white circle with a dot on the screen, the dot represents the point the camera will zoom in or out from and the size of the circle represents how far the camera will zoom in or out)
  6. Other tips:
    • If you would like a more clear image, click the "HQ" button in the bottom right.
    • If you would like to take a picture of the current camera view, click the camera button in the bottom left.

Instructions for PC or desktop access:

  1. Download the AXIS Companion software and click on the download link called "AXIS Companion"
  2. Click on the yellow "Download" button on the right side of the screen. (In the white box labeled AXIS Companion version 4).
    • *Note: The desktop software only works for Windows 64 bit computers (no mac access)
  3. Click the pop-up on the bottom left of the screen called "AXISCompanionSetup.exe"
  4. This will open a new window, please enter your prefered language and click "Next"
  5. Click "Next" again. This will ask for admin permission, click allow access or enter admin password.
  6. Accept terms of agreement and click "Next", then "Finish"
  7. Enter the following email and password and click submit:
    • Email:
    • Password: Waterfront1!
  8. Click "Enter"

If you have any trouble or question feel free to reach out to Patrick Hennessey at or Cliff Gurnham at