Telephone: (203) 245-2714

MBC Vessel Registration

Registration is required for all vessels on moorings or stored on club property (including paddleboards and kayaks).

Registration is required annually

Please fill out the registration form and submit it to the front desk along with the storage fee.

Storage fees are as follows:

Pier Storage:
All Vessels $175

Sailing Center Storage:
Laser $100
O'pen BIC $100
Opti $85
Kayak/Paddleboard $65

Harbor Fee: *
1st Vessel $160
Each Additional $60

*If a member has a mooring they intend not to use for the entire season, and wish not to be assessed a Harbor Fee, the Commodore must be notified in writing by July 1st 2015

These fees are a small but significant way to help fund the general maintenance of waterfront infrastructure. Having your name and contact information available also helps us contact you in the event of a weather-related emergency.

Thank you for your consideration,