The Madison Beach Club
How do I become a member of the Madison Beach Club?

To become a member of the Club, you must be sponsored for membership by a stockholder-member of the Club, and the application must be seconded by two other stockholder-members. In addition, you must be acquainted with at least five governors of the Club. Information about Club fees and amenities should be obtained from the sponsoring member. If you have other questions, please email membership@madisonbeachclub.com.

Can I host a reception, party, or other event at the Madison Beach Club?

The Club facilities can be used for non-member events provided that you and your event are sponsored by a Club member. Available dates are in June (until the last Tuesday in June, when the Club opens for the season) and in September (after Labor Day). Events cannot be booked more than a year in advance.

For further information about fees and available dates, please contact Club Manager Bill Carroll at 203-245-2714 or email@madisonbeachclub.com.

Can non-members take tennis or sailing lessons at the Madison Beach Club?

The Club’s tennis and sailing facilities, as well as the services of the tennis pros and sailing instructors, are limited to Club members and their guests.

If you need more information about these or other questions, please call 203-245-2714 or email email@madisonbeachclub.com.