Three Belles

Painstaking restoration of the 'Three Belles'

Before A63 moved to MBC, “Three Belles” was already well-known as a five-time winner of the Atlantic Nationals, with Rob Coster, as a teenager in Westport, CT, on the crew.

Three Belles was rescued by the Atlantic Class Association in 2019 along with another boat, A97. The boats had languished on the hard for years at Cold Spring Harbor Labs on Long Island. They were brought to Branford, CT, by a group organized by Rob Coster, Atlantic Class President.

A97 was sent to Maine to be refurbished by a generous and interested party.

Commodore Leighton Lee IV took ownership of Three Belles, A63 and, with the help of Lincoln White, oversaw a painstaking restoration which has taken two years to complete.

Three Belles during restoration